We create content. We edit content. We repurpose content for different channels, audiences and agendas. We work with you to derive the best you can get out of your communications. We work your message to engage the audience that matters to you. For, if your audience doesn’t care then your content doesn’t matter. The rest is noise.

We offer:

Original Custom Content: We create new content using secondary research or raw inputs. From journalistic pieces, thought leadership articles, research reports, white papers, we create engaging content across multiple formats. We can handle your in-house or external publications and digital newsrooms.

Of course, this means that your team and ours spend a fair bit of time to understand the task at hand, who it is intended for, the channels, the deployment time frame so we can keep it relevant and interesting.  And we offer these services in a range of Indian languages, not just English.

Repurposed Content: We edit existing content or rewrite and repurpose material to create crisp, new collateral such that all you have to do is deploy. We offer an eagle eye to run through all your content prior to publishing to ensure your collateral meets acceptable editorial standards, has a catchy headline, is error free or is a correctly translated version.

Influencer Content: We craft influencer and leadership content using investigative research, be it through interviews with your spokespeople or other stakeholders or analysing trends and developments to offer a “point of view” and not just a rehashed set of facts and figures.

We may also use predictive tools to understand which way the winds may blow in the near future, (but we don’t crystal gaze!). Such content may trigger debate and dialogue and that is the aim. This could be a speech or a bylined article, a social media post or even an employee communication. We recommend reserving this service for giving your thought leadership efforts the right energy you need.