Bhasha News Media started its journey in 2010 as an inclusive growth platform that uses information as a tool for economic empowerment. It has consistently worked towards promoting participative change and development as a key component of sustainable growth.

Our focus is on the outcome, and this is what sets us apart.

As part of its earliest efforts to democratise information, Bhasha News Media launched Uttor (The Answer), an eight-page Bengali special interest fortnightly focusing on livelihood and targetted at rural women. It was primarily a business intelligence tool carrying livelihood enhancement information in a simple and de-mystified format. The paper also addressed issues critical to human development – education, health and women’s enablement, and participation. It was India’s first community-based rural newspaper.

Working on Uttor for five years gave us insights into the nuances of communication. The most important lesson it taught us is that creating effective awareness is a collaborative process; it works best when you have one ear to the ground. It helped us understand audience behaviour. It told us that structured information delivered well can catalyse change.

Armed with all this and more, we continue to decode complex modules into digestible matter. If you have a cause or an idea that needs nurturing, we will be happy to pitch in.