Our inherent ability to deliver quality writing across diverse domains comes from a large, well-heeled group of writers who have spent years playing with words. From simple thoughts to complex ideas, the team is geared to give shape to them all backed by a strong research team that helps craft stories that impact. While the younger members bring in refreshing ways of looking at things, the seniors are veterans at packing a punch.

Bhasha News Media is led by senior journalist and communications mentor Saswati Chakravarty, who believes that future economic growth will come from harnessing the value of micro markets. In her earlier stint, Saswati was a Senior Editor with The Economic Times where she spent over two decades. She continues to groom young professionals keen to make a mark in the fourth estate and is on the advisory panel of several start-ups.

Working alongside Saswati is Nandini Nag, a self-described raconteur, for whom nothing matters more than a story well told. A stickler for quality work delivered on time, Nandini brings in several years of experience in managing projects across the content spectrum and spearheads the company’s language services.

You can contact us at getintouch@bhashanews.com.