From 6 to 60, and more, stories captivate us all. Some make us sit up and take note, some change our way of looking at the world, while few simply make the morning tea taste better.

While the way we consume stories or information may have changed in myriad ways, our appetite for a good story well-told remains. After all, a story always leaves a mark, small or big, often indelible.

Bhasha News Media brings together a group of experienced journalists and communications professionals to give life to your content strategy. At our core, we are storytellers who believe in the power of our craft to influence and impact.

We bring in decades of hands-on experience, a deep understanding of how organisations and businesses function and how audiences and channels behave. We care about the right message reaching the right audience at the right time. We believe in the power of information, and in sharing knowledge.
We are passionate about the “art” and “science” of communications – simple story-telling that helps meet core organisational goals. We believe in leveraging technology to make the process of content creation and deployment efficient, without taking away from creativity.